By: Clémence et Dominique MALAVERGNE

Natives of France, we had the pleasure to stay at Dumelezi during our trip to Sodwana Bay. A little piece of heaven unveiled behind the wide safety gates. We were welcomed by a very devoted and pleasant staff and by barnyard animals which makes the originality of the spot. The[…]

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By: Sharon Botes

I am a non-diver who enjoys a good night’s sleep after a day in the sun. Dumehlezi offered me a wonderfully comfortable bed, neat and tidy accommodation and friendly staff. It is a comfortable distance to the shops, both ways, and just away from the seasonal hustle and bustle. I[…]

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By: Craig de Kock

I have been diving in Sodwana Bay area since the late 90’s and have seen this little town evolve from a camping only environment to something that has a whole range of options. There are spots where you save money but have to rough it in tents, there are places[…]

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